Low Twelve

We are the Grand Chapter of the Widow's Sons Motorcycle Association, for the State of Wisconsin, established in 2007.

The Widows Sons may already be at work as a positive force in your community. We are constituted primarily by Master Masons, just and upright men who have a passion for motorcycling. We enjoy the ride and are happy to share the road with all courteous riders and drivers. We are not a MC or 1% Club.

Just as all of Freemasonry is made up of people from all walks of life: from lawyers and doctors to cooks and garbage men, so the Widows Sons consist of people brought together by a common interest, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, or socioeconomic status.

It is our belief that through the values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth that we can contribute to making our communities a better place. Now if only the weather would cooperate...

Are there other Chapters?

We are the first Widows Sons Chapter to form in Wisconsin. As the word spreads, we expect more Chapters to form through out the state. The Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association is an independent and international association of Master Masons who have joined together to enjoy our passion for sport motorcycling.

Our goals are to fraternize and ride with brethren who share common interests, to help raise Masonic Awareness, and support our Blue Lodges through active attendance, by assisting and attending lodge events and activities.

Check out our links section, to see Widow's Sons sites from all over the world.

Upcoming Rides

Several rides have been planned and several more do not have dates yet. A total of 16 rides are planned for 2009 and we hope to visit area lodges to introduce members of the Widows Sons Riding Association to the Masonic Community.

Please contact our President or Sgt. At Arms if your Lodge is interested in a Widows Sons visit.

How to Join?

To join the Wisconsin Grand Chapter you need to fill out the membership application and have a couple members vouch for you. The easiest way to meet us, at one of the many masonic events that we all attend or at one of Chapter meetings or events.

Our Chapter History

This Chapter was started by a few Masonic freinds who like to ride together and has grown into the Widows Sons Motorcycle Association - Wisconsin Grand Chapter. Our membership is growing. We are always looking for new riders and members.

A Word from the Chapter President

Masonry is made up of many different men who come from different backgrounds. We are found in many different professions, with many different interests. One of my passions is riding my motorcycle with friends. I am currently the Captain of the Tripoli Shrine Motor Corps Escort unit, but found that I also enjoy riding with many of my Lodge Brothers who are not members of the Shrine.

My riding group of Masonic friends agreed to start up the Grand Chapter of Wisconsin Widows Sons Association and to help organize others who also find themselves in like circumstances.

We believe that bringing Masonic principals into the motorcycle world is a good thing. We care not what make of bike you drive, only that you heart is true. We are interested in finding other Brethren to ride with in Wisconsin and look forward to introducing you to the Widows Sons Association.

We all travel, but some of us use two wheels to help us get there.